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Jul 5, 2012 2:00am PDT
class men. the polls are showing us while he is doing well with women and some other groups, this is a group that seems to be wavering between president obama and mitt romney. a recent average, shows the president with less than a three-point lead within the margin of error. on the fourth o of july, he addressed military members saying we need more immigration laws that allow immigrants to stay, like the dream act. mitt romney was up in new hampshire. while he tried to shy away from politics officially, he has been wrapped up in this debate over whether or not he contradicted himself in his campaign over the health care mandate. is it a penalty? is it a tax? romney says the supreme court called it a tax, so it is a tax. his campaign said otherwise. we will likely turn the focus back to the economy as new job numbers come out for june. lynn? >>> scientists at the large hadron collider have announced they have likely discovered the so-called god particle. it may explain how stars, planets, even life, how these things were created and held together. science editor, lawrence mcg
Jul 26, 2012 2:00am PDT
is the best new thing in the world today. >>> that does it for us tonight don't forget, you can check out my work at or follow me on twitter @ezraklein or on facebook at up next, "first look." >>> early warning? authorities in colorado uncover what could be key evidence in the investigation into last week's theater massacre. >>> cinema chaos. nerves are rattled after two brawls break out at a pennsylvania movie theater. >>> and high dive. an austrian daredevil takes a plunge from 18 miles above the earth's surface. >>> good morning, everyone. i'm lynn berry. those stories and more straight ahead. this is "first look" on msnbc. >>> and we're going to begin this morning with a possible explanation. new information has surfaced about the suspected gunman in last week's colorado theater shooting that claimed 12 lives. law enforcement officials say james holmes mailed a package to the school he attended containing detailed writings about killing people. nbc's jed gray has details. >> reporter: federal agents tell nbc news james holmes told them wh
Jul 26, 2012 5:00am EDT
will get the economy going and finally get us on track to a balanced budget. >> reporter: jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington. >>> last night on "hardball", new york senator chuck schumer said when it comes to digging out of our economic hole, the democrats' tax plan is both politically and practically the right way to go. >> everyone knows the economy is slowly -- all too slowly making progress. i think people understand that and live with it, and i don't think they blame president obama. they want to know how you get us out of this problem. and the way to get us out of this problem, the way the democrats prescribe it, is a lot different than the way the republicans prescribe it. we believe in focusing on the middle class. they believe on focusing on the most well-to-do. that's a winner for us, but it's the right policy for america, most importantly of all. >> each night, chris plays hardball with some of the nation's most prominent politicians and news makers. be sure to watch "hardball with chris matthews" 5:00 and 7:00 eastern on msnbc. >>> here's your first look at some of the othe
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)